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Born and based in Montreal, Tamélo pays tribute to pop culture icons from the 1970s to today, with a touch of humour and lightness. Through our creations we want to make you smile and share our good mood with clothes that are as comfortable as they are fun to wear.

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Our story

Tamélo is three girls from Montreal who share a love of Quebec popular culture. The two sisters, Mélodie and Virginie Fisette, and their best friend Tamara Lo Tartaro Benoit, came together following Mélodie's desire to pay tribute to Quebec's most prominent icons.

Raised in a family steeped in Quebec music, television and cinema, the Fisette sisters had the idea of expressing this tribute on clothing. They called upon the design talent of Tamara Lo Tartaro Benoit to create a first collection of 5 models: Incognito (Céline Dion), À quoi je joue (Jean Leloup), Quoi ma gueule (Éric Lapointe), Bye bye mon cowboy (Mitsou) and Fais attention (les BB).

The popularity of the concept was almost instantaneous and allowed the girls to pursue the Tamélo adventure!

A history of collaborations

In addition to our exclusive collections Tamélo Boutique, we have had the honour and the great pleasure of creating models for Comédiha (LES BOYS), Just for Laughs (MATHIEU DUFOUR), ProductionJ (OCCUPATION DOUBLE), l'Accueil Bonneau, l'Association des Salles de réception et Érablières commerciales du Québec and many others!

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